The Types of Common-used Fishing Nets

Generally speaking, the huailin fishing net are typically made from a synthetic material, such as nylon or polyethylene, but natural silk or wool nets are also available. Here we will introduce different types of fishing nets with different uses to you.

1.       Gill Net: The netting is usually either monofilament netting or multifilament netting. The fishermen often design the mesh size, depth, and length of the gill net according to the species of fish. The gill net mesh size allows a fish of the proper size to fit its head and gills through the net, but not its body. When the fish attempts to pull out of the net, it becomes “gilled” or stuck by its gills.

2.      Cast nets: This type of fishing net features that its weights around the edges, making them sink when thrown into the water. The fisherman pitches the net into the water so that it spreads out and sinks down. Many China fishing net manufacturer produce this kind of fishing nets a lot.

3.     Hoop net: The net can be loaded with a bait bag to attract fish. A hoop net is a cylindrical net stretched over a series of hoops. Openings called throats funnel fish into the net where they become trapped and unable to find their way out.


4.Trammel nets :Trammel nets are made by hanging three pieces of netting to a float line and a lead line. There are two outside pieces of large mesh netting or walls, referred to as walling, and an inside small mesh netting.. The walling is generally made of nylon netting and the inside netting is made of either monofilament netting or multifilament netting. 
5.      coracle fishing net :A coracle fishing net is used to catch a fish by two people working in tandem. Each person pulls their end of the net together until the two coracles meet and the fish is trapped. 


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